Leigo Lake Music Festival

This summer I was lucky enough to perform in the most beautiful setting on a magical lake Leigo in Leigo Lake Music Festival, playing the double concerto Tabula Rasa by Arvo Pärt together with Miina Järvi and Kremerata Baltica.


Leigo Lake Music Festival takes place every year in south of Estonia in a beautiful countryside surrounded by two lakes. The festival is known for its fabulous lighting show during the performances that literally take place in the middle of the lake. Although it often rains during the two days of this festival, I was lucky enough to have the rain stop for the Tabula Rasa.


Tabula Rasa was written in 1977 by one of the most important Estonian composers Arvo Pärt. This piece is one of the earliest works of the Tintinnabuli style that was created by Pärt after his long artistic reorientation period and is also one of the first works by him that made Pärt internationally known.


Tabula Rasa is a Latin perception of thought, which means blank slate. In philosophical understanding it reflects the pureness of the mind at birth and that the rest is added by the individual mind. Therefore I find Tabula Rasa as a composition very thoughtful and in a way meditative to play so I think that the atmosphere and setting of the Leigo Festival was very suitable for this piece.

My first experience of playing Tabula Rasa was in September 2015 together with Viktoria Mullova, Paavo Järvi and Orchestra de Paris in the new Philharmonie de Paris during Arvo Pärt’s 80th birthday celebration weekend in Paris.